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Your love together has created new life! These first few days/weeks at home, are  not only magical, they are fleeting. There is just SO much growth, changes, emotions, and family bonding that occurs... It's truly an unforgettable time.

Oh, to have those newborn moments with my child again… I blinked & suddenly she was her own walking & talking little person. Her newborn portraits double in value every year! And I don’t say this as a newborn photographer, but as a fellow mom. Some how, during the sleepless nights, endless diaper changes, and hours of holding your baby, somehow they suddenly turn one. Then two. Then three. 

And you’ll find yourself at every birthday wondering, ‘where did the time go?


This very lighthearted session is guided with gentle posing and lifestyle prompts, My goal is to document this session in such a way that you will always remember not only how small and new your child was, but so that you also remember how you felt during this time; the love and excitement.

Newborn sessions are very relaxed and are often done from the comfort of your own home. Although if you prefer an in studio setting, I have some wonderful and local studio recommendations, that I have worked in personally.

I welcome all family members during this session. Click here for pricing and further information.

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