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The Miracle of Motherhood. This is it! You are pregnant and glowing and you want to capture this amazing moment in time forever. Watching and feeling your belly grow as your precious baby develops inside of you has got to be one of the most amazing privileges of all time! Let me capture it for you and give you this memory to hold onto forever and to share with your loved ones. If you prefer an on-location session, we will work together to determine the best location based on the vision you had in mind. We can do anything from an open grassy field, to urban, to farmland, or a beach – whatever you like! I understand that some mom's are hesitant about having maternity photos taken because they aren’t sure how they will look in them. Your body is going through a transformation, and you may not feel like your usual self. However, it is an absolute fact that carrying a child is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and that oh-so-limited timeframe should be documented before it’s gone forever. I promise to pose and direct you in a way that will accentuate your own beauty surrounding the joy of that growing baby, and fully illustrate just how glowing and radiant you are.  Just smile, mama – you got this!​

Maternity sessions are best scheduled between 30-36 week to ensure that we don’t schedule too close to your due date, but that you are far enough along to have an amazingly full belly to show off! I also have maternity gowns and dresses available to my clients. Click here for pricing and further information.

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