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I am sure like most people, during this Pandemic you have realized that your family and the people in your bubble are your absolute world. Your home is your sanctuary where you can, if even for a moment forget about the worries of the world. How your home looks and feels has suddenly become very important to you I know it has for me!

Let me tell you that your choice to invest in family portraits matters and it is more important now than ever. Family portraits bring your family together. Everyone in one frame on your wall. It reminds your family of its love for one another. Your family portraits bring joy. They make you smile. And, in these hard times, post pandemic, your family portraits can bring comfort and heal.

Family portraits are a wonderful way of documenting your family grow up and change over the years. Displaying your family portraits from the past and the present allow your children to become connected to their story. All too often we forget about our past because we are so busy building our futures. Our children grow fast, and being a Mom of a teenagers myself, I have seen it. In the blink of an eye they are graduating high school!

One of the more unexpected effects of having family portraits in your home is the positive effect it can have on your children’s mental health. Did you know the simple act of having your family portraits hung in your home increases your children’s self-esteem? Studies show that having your family portraits displayed in your home sends the message that your family is important to one another and that you honour the memories that you created together. It’s a reminder of belonging and of being safe. It shows them how much they are loved and helps to build confidence. Click here for pricing and further information.

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